About Picbash

Picbash is a community site for creating, uploading and sharing pics. Here you can share pics that you find interesting to win over other pics. Picbash is the easy and fun way to share and collect pics. You can also create greeting cards, custom pics, etc. using the Pic Maker tool of Picbash.

There is also the Pic Showcase where you can showcase your created pics. Showcasing pics is recommened as other users can get inspiration from the cool pics created by you. Also when you showcase a pic other users will be able to vote, like, comment and share them.

About Beta:
The site is now in beta stage where many features and functionalities are added and tested. So it may happen that sometimes some functionalities are not avialable or not working. Also if you find any bug in any functionality and feature then please let us know through the contact section of the site.

The Pic Maker

The new Pic Maker has been made by adding many new features to the exisitng Cover Maker. Some of the key features are listed below:


Showcasing the pics you create has now become more easier and better.

There are many other features besides those listed here. Try it out to find more. Also one thing to note is that Picbash is not complete yet. Many other features are under development and also bugs might be there in the present site. Kindly let me know if you find any bugs or would like some feture. You can use the contact form on the contact page for contacting ;)